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A New Era in Cloud Cost
Management and Optimisation

Bridging the Gap Between Finance and Engineering

DOME is a leading software company providing FinOps tools and dashboards that bridge the gap between budget owners, finance and engineering teams.

Understand and Optimise Your Cloud Spend

DOME's innovative solution helps organisations understand and optimise their IT spend, offering valuable insights into cloud costs and resource allocation. With a focus on cost optimisation and better development practices, DOME delivers value and cost awareness for both finance and tech teams.


of organisations indicate managing cloud spend as a top cloud challenge, surpassing security

Flexera State of the Cloud Report, 2023

Our Approach


Our cloud-native approach enables flexible cost allocation, fosters cost awareness, and compares costs across various cloud providers.


DOME curates metrics for cost optimisation, auto-maps labels to cloud resources, and enables organisations to control costs through adjustable thresholds and alerts.


DOME's solution integrates with GitOps via Kubernetes manifests, enabling automatic control of applications based on cost recommendations and optimisations.

Executive leaders need to set the business priorities that drive cloud cost governance. This should be a cross-functional collaborative activity, rather than the responsibility of a dedicated cloud financial operations team.

FinOps the answer to Cloud Cost Governance, Gartner, 2022

Why Choose DOME?

DOME stands out in a competitive market with key differentiators that set the solution apart from other cost management platforms. DOME provides a cloud-native approach to cost management that integrates seamlessly with existing application and infrastructure implementations.

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